Can The Right Content Help Me Rank My Website? – Some Insights

Can The Right Content Help Me Rank My WebsiteWriting is one of the powerful ways to reach people. Content writing for websites generally includes creative content and website content. These include getting the information required; designing the web page, choosing appropriate graphics and attaching relevant links to the write ups. In this hi-tech world people depend on online content rather than books for their work and research. This is attributed to the fact that websites help you locate the data you need faster than any other source. Content writing on a piece of paper is different from content writing for a web article. This is because generally we tend to skim through the contents of a web page concentrating on the details rather than the adjectives or attractive phrases. A content writer writing for the websites has to cover a number of bases. The writer needs to do his work carefully keeping in mind some crucial points. Learn more about can the right content help me rank my website.

The writers should first understand that reading from a computer monitor is little tiring and hence the users will look for crisp and short literature covering all their needs.
It will be better if the writers use simple words and straight forward language to make it easy for the users.
The content writers should try to present their ideas in short points rather than in lousy long paragraphs.
They should use self-explanatory headings and highlight important words by making them appear in bold or italics.
The writers should choose an attractive font and a legible font size.
They should make sure that they use common words or key words so that the web pages can be easily found through the search engines.

The content writers should also make sure that the content of their writing is genuine and reliable. There are numerous companies which offer the service of content writing. Such companies have experienced writers who optimize the work to suit the search engines. The companies generally provide content writing for legal work, promotion of websites, company products and services and blogs. One advantage of utilizing the services of such experienced writers is that they know the possible mistakes that could happen in content writing and hence are able to avoid them. There are also institutions which offer courses on Web writing and designing. These courses are short term ones which are also available online. Such courses prepare the writers to adhere to the needs and rules of web content writing. Though these courses prepare them well, only experience can train them for the job.

What Is A Statutory Rape

Rape is the crime of sexual intercourse (with actual penetration of a woman’s vagina with the man’s penis) without consent and accomplished through force, threat of violence or intimidation (such as a threat to harm a woman’s child, husband or boyfriend). What constitutes lack of consent usually includes saying “no” or being too drunk or drug-influenced for the woman to be able to either resist or consent, but a recent Pennsylvania case ruled that a woman must do more than say “no” on the bizarre theory that “no” does not always mean “don’t,” but a flirtatious come-on.Read for more info- this article on the topic.

“Date rape” involves rape by an acquaintance who refuses to stop when told to. Defense attorneys often argue that there had to be physical resistance, but the modern view is that fear of harm and the relative strengths of the man and the woman are obvious deterrents to a woman fighting back. Any sexual intercourse with a child is rape and in most states sexual relations even with consent involving a girl 14 to 18 (with some variation on ages in a few states) is “statutory rape,” on the basis that the female is unable to give consent. 2) v. to have sexual intercourse with a female without her consent through force, violence, threat or intimidation, or with a girl under age.

Technically, a woman can be charged with rape by assisting a man in the rape of another woman. Dissatisfied with the typical prosecution of rape cases (in which the defense humiliates the accuser, and prosecutors are unable or unwilling to protect the woman from such tactics), women have been suing for civil damages for the physical and emotional damage caused by the rape, although too often the perpetrator has no funds.

Protection services for rape victims have been developed by both public and private agencies. On the other side of the coin, there is the concern of law enforcement and prosecutors that women whose advances have been rejected by a man, or who have been caught in the act of consensual sexual intercourse may falsely cry “rape.”

Statutory Rape is a sexual intercourse with a female below the legal age of consent but above the age of a child, even if the female gave her consent, did not resist and/or mutually participated. In all but three states the age of consent is 18, and the age above which the female is no longer a child varies, although 14 is common. The theory of statutory rape is that the girl is incapable of giving consent, although marriage with a parent’s consent is possible in many states at ages as low as 14.

Intercourse with a female child (below 14 or whatever the state law provides) is rape, which is a felony. Increasingly statutory rape is not charged when there is clear consent by the female, particularly when the girl will not cooperate in a prosecution. Controversy continues over what constitutes “resistance” or “consent,” particularly when some men insist a woman who said “no” really meant “yes.”