mvmt watches review – Intro

Everyone wants to buy a nice looking designer watch and above all they want it to last for a long time, as a well made quality watch should last for many years, with it only needing a new battery once a year. As technology improves, so does the quality and type of watches that are manufactured by some of the leading brands, but there are still two types of movements, mechanical and electronic, and we take a look at the difference below.Find expert advice about- 
mvmt watches review.

Mechanical Movement Watches
When watches were first produced, they were all mechanical movement watches, as the technology did not exist outside of moving parts. Some watches contain many moving parts, all working together to make your watch keep time and move along, a bit like a cog like set up.

When you wind one of these watches up, they then slowly let off this energy to control the movement of the watch, which is controlled to make a periodic energy release, and this is how the watch keeps time. Most of these type of watches will also use a balance spring and balance wheel, which helps with the control of gear system, something which is vital to keep the watch on an accurate basis.

These watches are still sought after, but often more expensive, as they are very traditional watches. With some of them now becoming collectors models because there are less and less being made as many manufactures now move to other technologies to help with cost and accuracy.

Key facts:
Traditional watch making assembled by hand,
No need for battery replacements.
Even though mechanical watches have many moving parts they work beautiful together and looked after will keep running
With a mechanical watch the parts are always working once wound up, so servicing is key to a long life, if you start to find you’re running late it may be time to service your watch!
If you have an automatic winding watch then it would be a good idea to invest in a watch winding box, this will rotate your watch to keep the movement wound, ask watch mad for details.

Electronic Movement Watches
The new form of watches, the electronic movement watches have few or no moving parts, as they use something called the piezoelectric effect, which is in effect a tiny quartz crystal, which helps to provide a far more accurate time and stable watch, with less that can realistically go wrong.