Background Check UK-An Intro

There are a few ways to conduct an employee background check: one is through in-house activities and the other by using third-party services. Both ways can be beneficial in certain conditions so be sure to choose which one you think would best fit the circumstances of both company and employee. When you make a background check “manually” as what they say, it would take a lot of work to accomplish. First there is a ton of paperwork, co-coordination among the employee’s family and lastly, follow-up procedures. There is nothing wrong with doing this method, but most employers resort to third-party agencies that specialize in keeping personal records.For more details-uk background check.

Most background checks done by third-party sources use the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as their basis. According to the FCRA, employees who earn less than $75,000 a year cannot be accounted for any criminal acts which are more than seven years ago. Checks in this account can only be verified and signed by certified job employers. Companies who plan to execute an employee background check on their workers should notify jobseekers about this. This is a way to warn people who intend to hide their identity which can pose problems to a company.

Before you employ workers, first identify if they have all FCRA requirements or other specifications in accordance with state and federal laws. Instruct the investigating agency to provide verifiable results which may be acquired from education, credit, and police agencies. Standard employee checks include driving and credit records, employment for the past 10 years, social security number, education and criminal background. There may also be drug tests if necessary. Background checks are usually stricter when it comes to employees that will possibly manage a company’s resources or finances. If you plan to avail an outside company to do this check, clarify the extent and limitations of the check. Make sure that evaluations would be comprehensive enough to funnel the best employees you can have. You should also be aware of insurance against errors in their checks to avoid getting low quality results.