What grass is best for my Phoenix lawn- A Review

Maintaining a grass lawn can become cumbersome in cost, time and labor. An herb lawn provides a carpet of fragrance and color that entices the senses. Trimming this type of lawn is required a couple of times each season as opposed to almost a weekly grind of mowing a grass lawn. Water and fertilizer requirements are much less with an herb lawn. Grass lawns need to be fed several times during the season and need lots of water, especially in hot weather or hot climates. The beautiful alternative to the traditional grass lawn is planting a lawn that is made up entirely of herbs.

Foot traffic can be rough on an herb lawn, but this is easily solved. A pathway of gravel or stepping stones not only provides a walking area but adds to the attractiveness of the herb lawn. Eye catching features such as white quartz walkways or stepping stones made of colored cements are wonderful ways to add a whimsical touch to your herb lawn. Functionality and style determine if a lawn made from herbs is for you. Grass tolerates more foot traffic; herb lawns tolerate drier climate conditions, shady areas and uneven ground. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of lawn. It is simply a case of personal preference.

Dry, shady, steep areas in the lawn are perfect for the herb lawn. These types of conditions provide an optimum growing situation for the herb lawn. Grass requires lots of water, temperate climate and mostly even ground to be pretty. Lawns that are made from planted herbs tolerate fairly harsh conditions with a little added care. Grass lawns require more even temperatures and lots of care.

If one is looking for an emerald carpet, the grass lawn is your answer. A carpet of fragrance and flowers is what one gets with the lawn. Different varieties of herbs will add distinctive touches wherever they are planted. Once the herb lawn is established, there will be some weeding chores occasionally, treating with plant nutrient once during the season keeps the lawn made from herbs healthy and mowing is reduced to once or twice. Not having to get the mower out every weekend is worth having to pull weeds once in a great while to keep the lawn looking as if it were painted by the hand of the nature. Planting the lawn made out of herbs quite thickly and mulching helps keep the weed population down.check out this article

You are limited only by the reach of your imagination as far as design, colors, fragrances and functionality of the lawn made from herbs. The beauty of this type of ground cover will add curb appeal to your home and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. The investment of time, a small amount of labor and putting in walkways is more than paid back by the beauty of your new lawn all season long. The savings in your water bill in the economic slowdown is worth mentioning as well. In arid climates, water is precious and comes at a high price. The savings of an herb lawn will allow water supplies to last longer and cost less. By mixing and matching herbs along with adding a few interesting features, your lawn can be the most attractive part of your home.